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At Phase Hitchin, we're on a mission to empower young people and promote their wellbeing and resilience. As a small charity with a big heart, we're dedicated to working alongside youth, supporting them as they navigate the challenges of growing up, school life, exams, friendships, time management, conflict resolution, and embracing change.

We strongly believe that by providing early support, we can prevent more serious emotional and mental health issues from developing. That's why Phase designs and delivers engaging workshops, assemblies, support groups, and mentoring programs. We also offer a wealth of online resources for parents, young people, and schools, making it easier to access our content virtually.

Transforming lives, one donation at a time! Join us in Project Hope this December, where your contribution is doubled, making double the impact on the next generation. Help us nurture young minds, build resilience, and create a brighter future. Every pound you donate brings hope and opportunity. Together, let's make a lasting difference. Donate now and be a catalyst for positive change!

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Join us on our journey as we support, educate, and stand alongside young people in Hitchin. Together, we can create a positive and resilient generation.

What we offer

At Phase, our dedication to the wellbeing of young people drives everything we do. Our work revolves around three key aims: Promote, Prevent, and Support. These pillars guide us in creating a positive and impactful experience for every individual we engage with.

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