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Phase has been helping children and young people through the struggles of life since 2002, providing opportunities for them develop their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding. We need your support to continue that work.

Unleash Your Passion, Make an Impact!

Are you a baking enthusiast, a biking aficionado, or a mountain adventurer? Fundraising is your chance to enjoy, boost your wellbeing, and support Hitchin's young people.

Fundraising is vital in empowering our youth. Whether big or small, your contributions make a significant difference in their lives.

Join the cause and let your passion fuel change! Fundraise today, have fun, and create a brighter future for young minds.

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Volunteer your time with Phase and impact young lives. From school workshops to mentoring, fundraising, and office support, your involvement helps deliver amazing support.

The more volunteers, the stronger our impact! Explore the Volunteering Opportunities Information Guide for details on how you can contribute, required skills (we can help you gain them), and our rewarding work environment.


Phase has its past, present and future working with churches. It was Churches Together in Hitchin that made the idea of Phase a reality.

As a Christian based organisation we believe in prayer, if you would like to pray for Phase and the work we do you can sign up to receive our News & Updates which includes our latest prayer guide

Corporate Sponsorship

At Phase, collaboration and partnership drive our mission across Hitchin and beyond. For over a decade, we've empowered children and young people, nurturing their wellbeing and fostering spiritual, social, moral, and cultural growth.

We believe businesses like yours hold the power to make a difference. Your support through sponsorship, fundraising, and practical engagement can help us continue our vital work.

Be a Changemaker and together, let's create a brighter future for young minds. Your involvement not only benefits the community but also brings positive change to your business.

Explore the various ways your business can support Phase in our pursuit of empowering young lives. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Companies that support us

Over the years Phase has connected with a number of companies. Here are some of them that actively are involved and support us in everything we do. We’d love for you to be able to support us as well so do get in touch.

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Check out our blog for updates on what we’re doing, how you can help and any other events that might be happening!

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