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Shine A Light On... Self Worth

Grace Read | 24th September 2018

Self worth is ‘the degree to which a person…zzzzzzzzzz’….. Oh, sorry. I nodded off. Self worth definitions are so BORING aren’t they?! Self worth is exactly what it says it is. There’s not much point in explaining it further! But, erm, I have a blog post to write…so I should probably say more… Self worth is a slippery little thing. It isn’t concre

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Shine a light on ...Anxiety (Part 2)

Grace Read | 22nd May 2018

It’s sometimes hard to uncover anxiety, because we live with it fairly happily. We accommodate it and normalise it. So it might become your ‘normal’ to set 3 alarms every morning, just in case you miss the first two. Or it might be ‘normal’ to only eat certain foods at certain times. We’ve just become used to living with anxiety. It’s very familia

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Shine a light on ... Anxiety (part 1)

Grace Read | 18th May 2018

Everyone I know has anxiety. Not the kind of anxiety that you feel before you speak in public, or when you see a massive spider scuttling towards you. I mean, the kind of anxiety that hangs over your life, that is disproportionate to your circumstances and that prevents you from doing normal things. Everyone I know has experienced a period of this

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Shine a light on.. Body Image

Grace Read | 19th January 2018

We all have a body. And everybody’s body is different. This is a BRILLIANT thing. A truly wonderful thing. We are all different, which means we cannot be compared to each other. We are incomparable! Woohoooooo! And yet…and yet! Somehow, we feel as though we should conform, as though we should fit in. Be a bit more this or that. Have a bit more hair

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