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Helen Bainbridge | 7th December 2018

How do you feel about expectations? To me, the word seems pretty negative. We talk about unrealistic expectations, which only end in disappointment. We talk about managing expectations, not letting others run away with an exaggerated impression of what we can achieve. And then there are those expectations others hold of us, which they forget to le

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Wellbeing Challenge - take a screen break!

Helen Bainbridge | 9th November 2018

How many times each day do you find yourself reaching for your phone, or opening social apps? Do you ever find yourself opening a social media app and then realising you'd only just closed it? If social media isn't your thing, how about email? YouTube? Netflix? Our world is so digital today. I know it's a cliche, but it can be so easy to spend so

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Zero Waste

Helen Bainbridge | 31st August 2018

So, how did your zero waste challenge go? Did you learn anything, surprise yourself? Or did you forget entirely that we'd ever challenged you to go zero waste? I kind of cheated on this one - I've been trying to live with less waste for a while now. The environment is important to me, I think we have a responsibility to be good stewards of God's c

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Helen Bainbridge | 1st June 2018

When did you last do something really creative? What activities help you use your imagination? What does creativity mean to you? I think creativity can sometimes feel a bit exclusive - like you're either a creative person, or you're not. Maybe you can't identify with the artist or the potter getting their hands dirty and creating something from no

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It's a process, not an event - remembering Mary

Helen Bainbridge | 14th May 2018

Hitchin Girls School was filled with kindness on Wednesday as students remembered their friend, Mary, who sadly died two years ago. Through the sadness, her friends gathered to spread positivity and selflessness as they recalled the wonderful person she was. Around the school, interspersed with purple ribbons, were Post-It notes of encouragement.

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Wellbeing challenge - word of the day

Helen Bainbridge | 27th April 2018

Velitation. Frugivorous. Grok. Panchreston. Neatnik. Just a few of the new words the team have come across this month. Don't test us what they mean, though! It's been good fun finding out new (and often pretty obscure) words to add to our vocabulary, even if we've only remembered a couple. But what does that have to do with wellbeing? There's actu

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Exciting news!

Helen Bainbridge | 13th February 2018

In 2017 we ran the pilot of our Phase Ambassador programme, and this academic year we have been working on getting the full young leadership programme up and running. Our young leaders have helped us in all kinds of ways so far including exhibiting for Phase, leading at Time Trek, and helping to plan events. Along the way, they've been learning ne

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Wellbeing challenge - Veganuary

Helen Bainbridge | 26th January 2018

How's your Veganuary going? Kieran asked me that very question earlier today. Unfortunately, I was eating a tuna sandwich at the time! I wonder whether you took part? If you did, what were your reasons for taking part? Did you learn anything from it? I am aware that initiatives like Veganuary can have the potential to be a bit divisive. We all hav

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What's been happening - Ambassador programme

Helen Bainbridge | 14th December 2017

It's been an exciting term on the Phase Ambassador programme. For those who don't know, it's our young leadership programme and it's designed to train and value our fantastic young volunteers. Anyone who attends senior school in Hitchin can be an Ambassador but places are limited so it's worth getting in quickly if you are interested! From January

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Wellbeing challenge - check your habits.

Helen Bainbridge | 24th November 2017

Habits are amazing! Don't believe me? I take it that when you left home this morning, you remembered to put your shoes on without even thinking about it. (To be fair, I forgot to take my shoes to the gym today but I was at least wearing another pair!) I'm hoping you also showered, ate breakfast and brushed your teeth. And I'm prepared to bet that

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Have you got your priorities straight?

Helen Bainbridge | 19th October 2017

What things in life are truly important to you? Is it your family and friends, your faith, your favourite sports team? Now if you are really honest, does your biggest priority take up the biggest chunk of time in your week? Now, I don't subscribe to the school of thought that says that that we can entirely tally up those two things - just because

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How well do you know the Bible?

Helen Bainbridge | 7th September 2017

Perhaps you've read the Bible from cover to cover, maybe you have a quiet time every day - or maybe you've never so much as opened the Bible before. It might be that you believe that every word of the Bible is direct from the mouth of God, or don't believe a word of it - or anything in between. We know that it can be hard to stay disciplined with

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Ambassadors progress

Helen Bainbridge | 13th July 2017

Phase are been incredibly blessed to have an amazing team of volunteers, not to mention our young leaders. In January, we began piloting the Phase Ambassadors Programme to recognise these wonderful young people, to give them training and experience and to better involve them in what we do. As I talked about in the blog post introducing the program

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Bullet journalling

Helen Bainbridge | 7th April 2017

I wonder if you are a technology person, or if you prefer paper and pen? Do you use a diary, or is your life recorded on an online calendar? In most circumstances, I am a technology person – even as a teenager I had a Palm (blast from the past?) and I have far more apps on my devices than I could ever use. I never could get my head around electron

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Boost your spiritual wellbeing

Helen Bainbridge | 24th March 2017

What do you find most helpful in developing your spiritual wellbeing? I hope that many of you have been joining us throughout March, on our spiritual wellbeing challenge – but it’s also Lent, so I’m aware that you may have been doing other challenges too. For example, I’ve also been trying out 40 Acts, and I am on a fasting challenge with the youn

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