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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Molly Rackham | 15th May 2023

It is Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 this week and this year the theme is Anxiety. The aim of Mental Health Awareness week is to open up conversation with others about important topics and support one another by sharing experiences and tools. Anxiety is an emotion that we have all felt, it's completely normal. Some people may get anxious about e

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Meet Molly

Molly Rackham | 31st March 2023

Hello! My name is Molly and I am the new Schools Worker here at Phase! I am really excited to be joining the incredible Phase team 3 days a week, Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays. On these days I will be delivering workshops and lessons in the local primary and secondary schools, doing detached youth work, mentoring, and support groups. If I’m not d

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The M-factor

Molly Rackham | 21st October 2019

What is the 'M-factor'? Mentoring! Mentoring is such a valuable tool that adds so much to somebody’s life. My experience of mentoring has been really positive and helped me to learn and grown in myself. By meeting with someone regularly and consistently really honestly has so many benefits. Here are some of the qualities that mentors have and why t

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Social media and social change

Molly Rackham | 23rd March 2018

We hear a lot about social media in the news and about many of its negative effects on our brains, mental health, physical health, sleep and so on. As a young person in a school environment I am more than aware, like most of my generation, of the impacts that those effects can have on individuals, friendships and relationships. In this blog post I

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May's Photography Challenge

Molly Rackham | 6th June 2017

What I love about photography is that it allows you to press pause on a specific moment of time and save the atmosphere, sights, feelings and all the senses from one moment using no words. I did the photography challenge for Mays wellbeing challenge and I was given a word for each day and had to use it to capture something from that day. You may ha

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Growing up with Phase

Molly Rackham | 10th November 2016

I have known and had connections with Phase for the last 6 years through ‘It’s your move’ workshops, Holding Nothing back, Time trek, school assemblies, Westbrook, after school club and so much more. But in this last year I have been working much more closely with the team. In September 2015 I became the Phase Publicity Intern (which is a very fan

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Holding Nothing Back

Molly Rackham | 25th February 2016

Since starting out at Hitchin Girls' School we have always gone to the Holding Nothing Back lunchtime group. It was always really nice to see familiar faces each week especially when there are another 1000 students who are all older and taller than you. Holding Nothing Back allows us to explore our faith not only on a Sunday. It's such a relaxed an

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