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Missing Endings

Rebekah K Bacon | 20th April 2020

Over the past month, it seems like the entire world has been turned upside down. I was looking back at some photos and found me and a friend having breakfast together. We had talked about how her research was going to have to dramatically change style if the coronavirus closed the university facilities. I had expressed hopes that if we could make i

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Exam Season

Rebekah K Bacon | 20th May 2019

Oh no. It’s everyone’s least favourite season of the year, back again to torment us. I am yet to meet someone who enjoys the thrill of going into an exam hall and trying to get down all their knowledge and understanding of a subject in 1-2 hours. Yet for me, equally as bad is coming out to find your friends discussing answers and realising what yo

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Hitchin School’s Staff Panto Raises Money For PHASE

Rebekah K Bacon | 3rd March 2019

If you’ve been reading the local weekly Comet, you may have seen us! We have been featured alongside Kingshott School, who recently raised money for us in their staff performance of ‘Snow White’. They managed to raise a fantastic £700 help our work with over 3500 children and young people in the local area. If you missed out on the show, see their

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An Enchanted Evening of Song

Rebekah K Bacon | 28th February 2019

Saturday 23rd March, 7.30pm-10pm at Walsworth Baptist Church Come and join us for ‘An Enchanted Evening of Song’ to raise money for Phase, bringing well-being, hope and transformation across Hitchin. On Saturday 23rd March, 7.30pm at Walsworth Baptist Church, you are cordially invited to join us for a concert from the Felici Opera, with songs both

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How to Survive a year at University

Rebekah K Bacon | 6th July 2018

You’ve finished all your exams, and hopefully they went well enough that you can forget about them. Unfortunately, now starts the long summer of waiting – waiting for results, waiting for university offers to be confirmed, waiting to move away or start something new perhaps! In all the excitement and fear of the unknown, maybe you will find some o

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Rebekah K Bacon | 1st December 2017

Balance. Beth Tweddle comes to mind, bending over backwards, doing flips and somehow managing to land perfectly. Secondly, all the things in life which somehow I am supposed to balance – relationships, faith, work, rest, creativity, health and exercise. Unfortunately, we are not all made with the skills of Beth Tweddle, and so balance in that sens

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Building Relationships

Rebekah K Bacon | 28th July 2017

As you probably know, July’s wellbeing challenge is based around being more social (if not, take a peek at Sasha’s post. This is an enormous challenge in a culture where it’s so easy to see your friends lives online and post your own in a couple of seconds, without so much as a hello. It’s crazy how proper conversations and connections are replace

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