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How I won even though I failed

Sasha Austin-Seade | 29th June 2018

This post is supposed to be all about how I got on with the June Wellbeing challenge. I write them, I decide what we're doing, I even Instagrammed it and this is the point where I show you some amazing artwork 😳but he’s the thing I didn’t do it.🤭 Here's what happened. As much as I'd like to believe it, I'm not a superhero - now I can do pretty a

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March Wellbeing Challenge 2018

Sasha Austin-Seade | 1st March 2018

Welcome to March, How did we get to the third month of the year already? Your challenge for this month is all about honesty. For the next 30 days be honest about your thoughts and feelings. I deliberated a lot about setting this as a challenge because I'm pretty sure we all would say that were honest or try to be right? Wait did you just tell a l

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