March Wellbeing Challenge 2018


Welcome to March,
How did we get to the third month of the year already?

Your challenge for this month is all about honesty. For the next 30 days be honest about your thoughts and feelings.

I deliberated a lot about setting this as a challenge because I'm pretty sure we all would say that were honest or try to be right? Wait did you just tell a lie. See that's the dilemma if we're really honest we're not always completely honest. Being honest sometimes feels hard because it sometimes means we feel like we let people down or hurt their feelings.


The thing about dishonesty is that it might seem like it's the easier road to take in the moment but there are always consequences and we can't predict what those are going to be.

On our journey to becoming better and healthier citizens of our communities and this world, honesty has to start within us. Being honest doesn't mean that we start offering everything and anything that pops into our heads.

Actually, if we pay attention to the world around us we can start to notice that dishonesty sneaks into lots of areas in our lives. The 'big' things are often easier to make an honest decision about, but it is those little everyday actions that we brush over that often trip us up. A half-truth is still a lie.

Have a think about the different areas in your life and see if they need an honesty check? Start to take note of where in your life you aren't completely honest with yourself or with others over the month. Write it down if that's helpful for reflection.


This article helped give me some perspective - How honesty could make you happier?

Research also shows there are also positive physical health benefits of being honest. Participants in studies have reported fewer symptoms of sore throats, headaches and less tension in the body.

Here are a couple of articles I stumbled upon whilst researching the link between honesty and our health.
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So now it's over to you.