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Time to replenish

Elizabeth Feltoe | 5th July 2020

In the second of her series for Phase looking at finding and using our strengths, Sarah Crittenden makes some suggestions for finding space for R&R... we like the sound of that!Someone said to me the other day that they thought their current lifestyle wasn't so much 'working from home' as 'living at work'. Can anyone else relate to this?! Now w

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Say cheese!!

Elizabeth Feltoe | 4th October 2019

It’s World Smile Day today, Friday 4th October. That Friday feeling usually makes me break out in a grin, I have to say. Friday is my favourite day of the week because you have all of the anticipation of the weekend ahead plus I get to have pizza on a Friday night, happy days. World Smile Day was developed by the designer of the original smiley fac

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August Wellbeing challenge

Sasha Austin-Seade | 1st August 2017

Hello and Welcome to August. We're hoping you had a great time being social last month and if you missed Rebekah's article on building relationships take a quick read now. They say laughter is the best medicine. The problem is we don’t do it enough. Studies have shown that kids tend to laugh 3 times as much as adults. We need to be doing more. He

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