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Children's Commissioner

Kieran Murphy | 5th July 2017

Shocking report by Children’s Commissioner reveals millions of children in England living vulnerable or high risk lives On Tuesday 4th July the Children's Commissioner published some shocking findings from their recent analysis. One of the key findings states that 800,000 children aged 5 to 17 suffer mental health disorders. Unfortunately the re

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Rise in self-harm

Kieran Murphy | 12th December 2016

Earlier this week the NSPCC released statistics about the rise in self-harm amongst young people. Nspcc said Nearly 19,000 children and young people in England and Wales were hospitalised for self-harm last year You can read the full article here This is an issue that may feel relatively new to some people, however it has been around for many, m

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Mind The Gap

Bethany Murray | 14th December 2015

A November article in The Times has said that children all across the country with depression, anxiety and eating disorders are being denied treatment because of a lack of urgency by ministers to address a crisis in mental health services. Statistics are showing that 1 in 5 children referred to mental heath services by their GP are being denied t

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Girlguiding Girls' Attitudes Survey 2015

Kieran Murphy | 24th August 2015

Today the Girlguiding organisation released their annual attitudes survey and the results were extremely interesting, particularly highlighting the need for more self-harm support and education for all. Self-harm was the biggest concern for girls aged 11-21, with eating disorders, depression and overall mental health being amongst their main concer

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