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TV review - The Social Dilemma

Elizabeth Feltoe | 16th November 2020

I watched this Netflix documentary last week.I’ve changed the way I consume social media as a result.It’s a docu-drama (half documentary and half fictionalised scenes of a ‘normal’ family interacting with each other and their phones) that discusses how social media companies monetise our attention, what we read and consume, and how this changes the

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Don't Let Time Pass You By...

Sasha Austin-Seade | 18th October 2016

British summer time ends on the 30th October and as usual we’ll all have a few days adjusting again to whether the clocks go forward or back. At the time of writing this we only have 74 days left of 2016, we are as they say on the home stretch. If you're anything like me you're wondering where the time went, it’s funny because I don’t really get r

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