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Farewell Thoughts

Donna Wade | 21st December 2018

I have had the amazing privilege of working with Phase for the past 4 years, but now it is time for me to move on and to make way for the next adventure for both Phase and for me. I joined Phase at a really exciting time as we were dreaming up and creating a new vision, all with a focus on this word Wellbeing. The opportunities and growth of the c

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Charity Film Awards

Donna Wade | 28th November 2018

This year Phase has entered one of its “Let Talk” Films into the Charity Film Awards. What are these? I hear you say… The Charity Film Awards are for charities who have created videos which have the power to move, to warm hearts, to inspire, to engage…. to change the world: to do good. The Charity Film Awards are designed to celebrate those qualit

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How To Support Your Child

Donna Wade | 30th October 2018

We had the privilege recently of being asked to write a blog post for The Motherload (a website and blogzine for parents) about mental health. It is an area that their readers were requesting some information about, and we know from our own experience at Phase that parents do not receive enough support and guidance. Here are some thoughts that I s

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My return to work at Phase

Donna Wade | 20th July 2018

As many of you know, I went on maternity leave last year after giving birth to my beautiful little girl Juno (who is now a proper toddler...how did that happen?!) I returned to my job at Phase this year in February and since then have been trying to learn the art of juggling parenthood and work, learning much in the process. I have been exhausted

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Let's Talk...

Donna Wade | 10th March 2017

After the success of our first Let’s Talk video we decided to make a whole series of videos that would act as conversation starters about key mental health topics. The Princes Trust recently revealed some of their latest statistics, including the the fact that one in four young people said they wouldn’t confide in anyone if they thought they were

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Managing Anxiety

Donna Wade | 17th February 2017

“A head full of fears has no space for dreams” We want young people to live life in all of its fullness and so when we hear that more young people than ever before are struggling with anxiety, holding them back from reaching their potential, we want to do something about it. Over the past 6 months we have been developing and piloting a new support

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Water Challenge

Donna Wade | 27th January 2017

This month’s wellbeing challenge is now coming to an end and the team are positively glowing after drinking so much water and getting fresh air and blood pumping around the body. As a reminder – our challenge for this month was to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and to make time for a daily walk or run. This is thought to not only

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Embracing gratitude

Donna Wade | 13th December 2016

The Phase team recently did a gratitude challenge in the office which then inspired us to deliver an assembly to young people about how embracing this attitude can improve your wellbeing and happiness levels. It has convinced us and so hopefully we can convince you of its benefits too! For a week we ended each day by listing on a chart 3 things th

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