Day 5 - Wreck it Ralph

Day 5 and it is the final full day of camp. Today we came to the end of the Jonah story and we realised the it does not end how we thought it might! We saw that Jonah was much more like me, more like each of us, than we care to think. Yet we can chose to be different; we can be transformed by God!

Our film theme of the day was Wreck it Ralph, a wonderful film about transformation. So, we transformed computer games into reality! We had pac-man, angry birds and hungry hippos, not forgetting laser tag!

Through out the day there was a lot of laughter, and many conversations were held about what this week has meant to people, including discussions about the changes they want to make when they return home and how they have moved on in their faith - real transformation!

In the evening we took a walk down to the beach and had chips, then finished the day with a wonderful bonfire. This is always a special time as it creates a relaxed atmosphere for chatting and conversations about the week and life beyond.