February Wellbeing Challenge 2018


Hello and welcome to February.

Our focus and wellbeing challenge this month is all about kindness.

Let’s stop for a moment and think about what kindness actually is.


Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Sometimes kindness can be difficult, it may even involve saying no and it often involves a sacrifice – of time, of effort or of comfortability. Kindness doesn’t always have to involve other people often the hardest person to be kind to is ourselves.

I often think that I’m a kind person but then I realise there is always more that I could be doing, how about you?. Plato reminds us in this quote that each person is going through something we know nothing about.


So with that being said why don't we give kindness a try this month. Here is your 30-day kindness challenge (Feb only has 28 days but a few extra days won't hurt)

  1. Buy something extra when your shopping and give to a food bank collection
  2. Offer to house sit for a neighbour on a trip
  3. Leave a thank you note for your postman/lady
  4. Offer to pick up groceries for a neighbour
  5. Pay for a person behind you in line.
  6. Bake and share with people at your work/school/ college etc
  7. Send a thank you note to a family friend
  8. Give a gift to a teacher
  9. Buy someone a cup of coffee
  10. Give 3 honest compliments
  11. Write uplifting note and give them to random people
  12. Write a thank you card just because
  13. Offer to help someone with some chores
  14. Surprise a friend with a gift
  15. Speak to someone who seems lonely
  16. Buy a homeless person a coffee/sandwich
  17. Offer to babysit for any struggling parents you may know
  18. Donate to charity
  19. Write a list of the reasons why you love someone (and give it to them)
  20. Be kinder to retail employees
  21. Volunteer your time
  22. Encourage someone who is working hard
  23. Buy flowers for a friend
  24. Give a big tip at a restaurant
  25. Be kind to yourself
  26. Spread some encouragement online
  27. Make a round of hot drink for everyone you’re with
  28. Prepare a meal for someone
  29. Tell a manager/supervisor about the great service you received
  30. Hold the door for someone.

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