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Managing emotions

Emily Croucher | 20th January 2020

As part of our Grow workshop, we have been looking at positive ways for children to manage their emotions and have encouraged them to reflect on strategies that they would find helpful when they feel angry, sad or worried. This page will explain some of the strategies used, as well as other examples that may work better at home. Many parents will a

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Getting FIT

Kieran Murphy | 13th January 2017

Getting FIT! As we begin a new year, often people set out new years resolutions that contain plans to get fit and healthy, re-balance life and have life style changes. These are great ideas, however, by mid-January many of us can feel depleted and disengaged as our hope of attending the gym 18 times a week has not quite happened, so we fall back i

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Introducing 'ForYou' Library by Phase

Bethany Murray | 4th January 2017

Introducing the 'ForYou' library from Phase When you are faced with difficult things in life, you need good, relevant, true, helpful information and advice at your finger tips. The internet, libraries, magazines and friends or family may be full of loads of information on many topics but it can be a minefield. One that you probably don't have the

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