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Adapting, surviving and then... thriving!!

Elizabeth Feltoe | 15th May 2020

Unprecedented times, the new normal, lockdown, social distancing, self-isolation  – change is on every horizon and in every aspect of life as we knew it. So what are Phase up to and what are we doing as we all tread carefully into the future? As Director I wanted to share a few key things that we are focusing on and some of the things that we are e

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Introducing 'ForYou' Library by Phase

Bethany Murray | 4th January 2017

Introducing the 'ForYou' library from Phase When you are faced with difficult things in life, you need good, relevant, true, helpful information and advice at your finger tips. The internet, libraries, magazines and friends or family may be full of loads of information on many topics but it can be a minefield. One that you probably don't have the

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Kieran Murphy | 30th August 2016

As Phase has been developing our mental wellbeing support for young people, we have been looking at various apps and programmes that young people can engage with in their own time to help promote wellbeing and mindfulness. One of these apps is Headspace, an app that the whole team have found to be very useful. Here is how Headspace describe it: *H

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Let's Talk Video

Kieran Murphy | 17th June 2015

Our let's talk video has been receiving fantastic feedback and has also been shared by over 100K people! Norman Lamb, Lib Dem MP was very impressed with it and even shared the link on twitter: “@PhaseHitchin: @normanlamb pleasure! Just want to support young people through their struggles.” Really good— Norman Lamb (@normanlamb) May 20, 2015

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