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Kieran Murphy | 7th March 2019

We've made the final! Phase are extremely please to announce that we have made the final of the Charity Film Awards 2019, but we've not won yet! Vote Now Our Let's Talk - Self-Harm film has made it through early voting stages and now needs your help to win. You can vote for our film with just a few clicks and hopefully when we attend the awards ce

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Shelf Help

Kieran Murphy | 20th December 2016

On Friday 2nd December Hitchin saw the launch of an exciting new pilot project called ‘Shelf Help.’ This is a reading scheme that is being adopted by The Priory School and Phase and is gradually being used by schools and libraries around the country. Shelf help is a list of 35 books which cover a range of topics including anxiety, body image, self

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Rise in self-harm

Kieran Murphy | 12th December 2016

Earlier this week the NSPCC released statistics about the rise in self-harm amongst young people. Nspcc said Nearly 19,000 children and young people in England and Wales were hospitalised for self-harm last year You can read the full article here This is an issue that may feel relatively new to some people, however it has been around for many, m

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Friendly Places

Kieran Murphy | 12th July 2016

"There's no health without mental health" Phase HQ recently received our Friendly Places certificate from Faith Action confirming that we are a faith organisation that is committed to caring for people's mental health. By signing up to the Friendly Places Pledge, a faith group makes a commitment to be a place which welcomes and supports

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Talking to someone who struggles with self-harm

Bethany Murray | 22nd June 2016

Earlier this year, Phase was asked to write something about what are some helpful things to say to a young person struggling with self-harm. I’ve spent some time putting together a list of some common things people may say, why they might not be so helpful and what people could say instead. "Promise me you won't do it again" Self-harm is

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Hitchin Youth Trust

Kieran Murphy | 15th March 2016

We are very pleased to announce that Phase has recently received a grant for over £2000 from the Hitchin Youth Trust in relation to our Creative Space project. The support from Hitchin Youth Trust will enable Phase to provide all the equipment, resources and materials needed to deliver Creative Space project for this year. Creative Space is provid

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The Parent Participation Toolkit

Kieran Murphy | 8th March 2016

The Parent Participation Toolkit ‘’When parents and carers are fully engaged in the treatment process, we see improved outcomes for the child and family.’’ This quote comes from a new toolkit that has been produced to help improve mental health services for children and young people by valuing the role of parents. Young Minds and NHS England have w

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Self-harm Awareness Day: A personal reflection

Bethany Murray | 1st March 2016

To me, self harm awareness day is an incredibly important day. A 13 year battle with self harm that I'm yet to feel I have truly left behind means I have more than my fair share of experiences that show why more awareness of this issue is so incredibly necessary. Out of the 13 years of this struggle it's only been for 4 of them that anyone apart fr

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Getting creative

Bethany Murray | 25th February 2016

Phase's newest project 'Creative Space' has been launched and is under way. We've had 7 students attend the sessions so far with some great cretaive work produced, good conversations had and a relaxed, chatty, fun, supportive atmosphere created. In Tuesday's session we spoke about March 1st next week being Self-harm Awareness day. Some of our creat

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Creative space

Bethany Murray | 9th February 2016

Creativity noun | cre·a·tiv·i·ty | The state or quality of being creative. The ability to transcend traditional ideas and to create meaningful new ideas. Many people avoid activities labelled as "creative" using excuses such as "I never liked art" and "I cant draw". Being creative can be a daunting prospect to many pe

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Mind The Gap

Bethany Murray | 14th December 2015

A November article in The Times has said that children all across the country with depression, anxiety and eating disorders are being denied treatment because of a lack of urgency by ministers to address a crisis in mental health services. Statistics are showing that 1 in 5 children referred to mental heath services by their GP are being denied t

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£4 for young people for change pt4

Kieran Murphy | 30th November 2015

Throughout November, we have been running a funding campaign encouraging people to give £4 for young people, for change in their lives. Here is the final instalment of our campaign. Week 4: Over the past few weeks we have heard more about the issue of self-harm, we have heard how it impacts hundreds of young people here in Hitchin and we have heard

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£4 for young people for change pt 3

Kieran Murphy | 26th November 2015

This November Phase is running a campaign across many of the church's encouraging people to sign up to support our work with young people struggling with self-harm. Week 3: Over the past two weeks we have heard about the issue of self-harm and how it is affecting over 800 young people here in Hitchin, we have heard about what Phase want to deliver

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£4 for young people for change pt2

Kieran Murphy | 26th November 2015

This November Phase is running a campaign across many of the church's encouraging people to sign up to support our work with young people struggling with self-harm. Here is part 2: So who is Phase? Phase exists to support the development of wellbeing in young people. Phase aim to enable young people to develop resilience, the ability to cope with t

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£4 for young people for change

Kieran Murphy | 2nd November 2015

This November Phase is running a campaign across many of the church's encouraging people to sign up to support our work with young people struggling with self-harm. Each Monday, we will post the information that was shared across church's the previous Sunday. Here is the first instalment. So who is Phase? Phase was founded by the Churches Together

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