Time Trek Feb'16

We recently had our biggest Time Trek event ever with 71 children attending! Along with all the adult leaders we also had 8 teenagers helping as young leaders. Here is how one of them, Mary, found the day...

Time Trek happens every half term on a Tuesday. As soon as I know when half term is, I write Time Trek on the calendar- its usually one of the first things on it at the beginning of the year. I love working with the children and the adults to make some beautifully decorated cakes or biscuits or item of food. Also, the prayer activities at the end give us as leaders an incite into each child's world: sometimes they pray for themselves and sometimes they pray for everyone in the whole world.
I often work with the KS1 groups (ages 4-7) but the older and younger kids all play and learn together too. The activities are perfectly tailored to each year group and help the children to hear a wide range of classic bible stories. These stories are shown through videos and great acting from the Professor, Pippa and Percy. The children love the songs (although some of the actions require a lot of concentration!) and are enthusiastic in all the games. In discussion times it is easy to keep the conversation rolling as the children ask all sorts of questions and sometimes answer their own questions. As a young leader I turn up on the day to help set up; take the children to their groups and introduce them to their leaders; help with crafts and games and then tidy up at the end. There's a fantastic group of adult leaders who look out for each child and, if you help regularly, its possible that some of the children will remember who you are. I love helping out at Time Trek and enjoy every minute of it.

Our next Time Trek event will be on Tuesday 31st May at Walsworth Road Baptist Church. Please drop me an e-mail if you would like to get involved.