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Kieran Murphy | 4th November 2017

Influence is something that we all have, maybe a little, maybe a lot, but you still have some. Influence is something I am very passionate about, you have the ability to change and impact the life of those around you either for the better or the worse. Let’s assume it’s for the better ;) Martin Luther King Jr, Graham, Granddad, Tim & Richard t

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Local company put Phase in the driving seat

Kieran Murphy | 24th May 2017

Local car sales and service business AZ Autos recently took on an exciting challenge to support young people and give two local students an opportunity to experience business in the driving seat. AZ Autos donated a car for Luke and Tom, two students from The Priory School to renovate, source parts, prepare for sale and then sell the car, with all

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Phase Ambassadors

Helen Bainbridge | 29th November 2016

Who has invested the most in you? Can you think of someone who saw potential in you, who took time and effort to help you grow? Is there someone you can think of who was instrumental in helping you achieve? For me, it was my church youth leaders and my Guiders. From the age of ten or eleven I was helping in the crèche at church, and I was a Pack L

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Growing up with Phase

Molly Rackham | 10th November 2016

I have known and had connections with Phase for the last 6 years through ‘It’s your move’ workshops, Holding Nothing back, Time trek, school assemblies, Westbrook, after school club and so much more. But in this last year I have been working much more closely with the team. In September 2015 I became the Phase Publicity Intern (which is a very fan

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Fuel - leaders training

Kieran Murphy | 27th May 2016

For the past 6 years Phase, Urban Saints and the Forum run a free leaders training evening called Fuel. Over this time Fuel trained nearly 500 leaders working with children and young people across Herts, Beds and Bucks. Fuel training continues to cover a wide range and variety of topics so that leaders feel educated, equipped and sustained in thei

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Time Trek Feb'16

Paul Harris | 4th March 2016

We recently had our biggest Time Trek event ever with 71 children attending! Along with all the adult leaders we also had 8 teenagers helping as young leaders. Here is how one of them, Mary, found the day... Time Trek happens every half term on a Tuesday. As soon as I know when half term is, I write Time Trek on the calendar- its usually one of the

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