Growing up with Phase

I have known and had connections with Phase for the last 6 years through ‘It’s your move’ workshops, Holding Nothing back, Time trek, school assemblies, Westbrook, after school club and so much more. But in this last year I have been working much more closely with the team. In September 2015 I became the Phase Publicity Intern (which is a very fancy title for putting together the monthly phase update email and newsletter!)

I would come into the Phase office for just an hour a week after school on a Thursday and begin to create the email. At first it would take me weeks and weeks to get one out as there was so much to get used to and learn. Even now there are certain things which I still can't quite get the hang of... But this time next year I'll be able to do them! From the hour a week I then began to lend a hand when it was needed, or when I could in terms of my time. Such as at the end of term when things got busier for the team. When my exams had finished I found myself down at the office doing the odd jobs (and the ones that nobody else wanted to do, like the scanning, sorting, printing and laminating ;)

I have given a lot of time to Phase because it's done a lot for my school and for me personally. Like all teenagers there are always times during secondary school you feel lost and don't know how to get back on track from whatever you are struggling with. Phase has given me the directions to move on to better things and cope with the now to make the ‘next’ easier.

Just before summer on Founders’ day I was lucky enough to receive an award for my work with Phase. Not only was I lucky enough to receive it, I had the honour of sharing it with Mary Bacon. Mary sadly passed away in May this year which was a devastating loss for all that knew her and especially her family. Those of you who knew Mary will be aware of her incredible presence and dedication that she had to her school work, church, Phase and many aspects of her life. It was the work with Phase in particular that she was recognised for of Founders’ day.

Despite the sadness that I felt by not being able to share the stage with her on that day, I will always fell proud to have known and worked with her. Phase has gained so much by her positive attitude, great ideas and her constant smiling face. The award we both received was the Beryl Wearmouth award which is for citizenship. Both Mary and I were recognised for our commitment and dedication to the work of Phase, which was a real honour!

I’m still involved with Phase doing many of the same things and starting the Ambassador programme with them, however, this will also give me new opportunities to grow and learn. Kieran is keen for me to share my stories and experience with others by speaking at events and to groups, this feels a little scary but also exciting and I will help me with whatever I do in the future. So watch this space!!

Molly :)

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