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Exciting news!

Helen Bainbridge | 13th February 2018

In 2017 we ran the pilot of our Phase Ambassador programme, and this academic year we have been working on getting the full young leadership programme up and running. Our young leaders have helped us in all kinds of ways so far including exhibiting for Phase, leading at Time Trek, and helping to plan events. Along the way, they've been learning ne

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What's been happening - Ambassador programme

Helen Bainbridge | 14th December 2017

It's been an exciting term on the Phase Ambassador programme. For those who don't know, it's our young leadership programme and it's designed to train and value our fantastic young volunteers. Anyone who attends senior school in Hitchin can be an Ambassador but places are limited so it's worth getting in quickly if you are interested! From January

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Ambassadors progress

Helen Bainbridge | 13th July 2017

Phase are been incredibly blessed to have an amazing team of volunteers, not to mention our young leaders. In January, we began piloting the Phase Ambassadors Programme to recognise these wonderful young people, to give them training and experience and to better involve them in what we do. As I talked about in the blog post introducing the program

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May's Photography Challenge

Molly Rackham | 6th June 2017

What I love about photography is that it allows you to press pause on a specific moment of time and save the atmosphere, sights, feelings and all the senses from one moment using no words. I did the photography challenge for Mays wellbeing challenge and I was given a word for each day and had to use it to capture something from that day. You may ha

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Phase Ambassadors

Helen Bainbridge | 29th November 2016

Who has invested the most in you? Can you think of someone who saw potential in you, who took time and effort to help you grow? Is there someone you can think of who was instrumental in helping you achieve? For me, it was my church youth leaders and my Guiders. From the age of ten or eleven I was helping in the crèche at church, and I was a Pack L

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