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Amy's work experience

Kieran Murphy | 22nd October 2018

Often Phase are asked if we can accommodate young people on work experience. In July Amy joined the team for the final week of the summer term, here are her thoughts on a week with the Phase team.... In July I enjoyed a week of work experience with Phase, I learnt about the amazing work they do behind the scenes as well as in schools. I had the opp

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Shine A Light On... Self Worth

Grace Read | 24th September 2018

Self worth is ‘the degree to which a person…zzzzzzzzzz’….. Oh, sorry. I nodded off. Self worth definitions are so BORING aren’t they?! Self worth is exactly what it says it is. There’s not much point in explaining it further! But, erm, I have a blog post to write…so I should probably say more… Self worth is a slippery little thing. It isn’t concre

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