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Learning to be vulnerable

Elizabeth Feltoe | 11th February 2022

In this guest blog friend of Phase, Rebekah Bacon, talks to us about vulnerability - what it is, when we notice it and how we can benefit from being more vulnerable with people.A little while ago, I sat down with Kieran (the director of Phase) to talk about vulnerability. When working with young people to build resilience and promote wellbeing, it’

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Amy's work experience

Kieran Murphy | 22nd October 2018

Often Phase are asked if we can accommodate young people on work experience. In July Amy joined the team for the final week of the summer term, here are her thoughts on a week with the Phase team.... In July I enjoyed a week of work experience with Phase, I learnt about the amazing work they do behind the scenes as well as in schools. I had the opp

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A Placement at Phase

Sasha Austin-Seade | 13th July 2018

I first stumbled upon Phase when I couldn’t find a placement anywhere else. Little did I know God had it all planned. Hi, I’m Gaby and I’m on placement at Phase! As part of my psychology university course, I am required to do a month’s worth of work experience and I chose to do youth work. I’ve always admired youth work and always wondered if that

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Rebekah K Bacon | 1st December 2017

Balance. Beth Tweddle comes to mind, bending over backwards, doing flips and somehow managing to land perfectly. Secondly, all the things in life which somehow I am supposed to balance – relationships, faith, work, rest, creativity, health and exercise. Unfortunately, we are not all made with the skills of Beth Tweddle, and so balance in that sens

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Supporting mental health in young people - have you tried Shelf Help?

Sasha Austin-Seade | 10th November 2017

Welcome to our 3rd Guest blog take over. Dr Marie Polley is a Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences and Research at the University of Westminster. Marie is also Co-Chair of the Social Prescribing Network and is a voluntary youth worker for St Mark’s church, Hitchin. It is estimated that 2,773,460 people under 17 are in need of child and adolescent m

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Understand, Implement, Prevent: tackling poor mental health in schools

Sasha Austin-Seade | 23rd June 2017

Welcome to our 2nd Guest blog takeover. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 30; self-harm in teens has nearly doubled since 2007; in 2015 more than 1 million people were in touch with mental health services; nearly 80,000 teenagers are suffering with depression; 26% of teenagers in the UK experience suicidal thoughts; access to Childline co

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‘'I am a parent; how can I promote positive wellbeing?’'

Sasha Austin-Seade | 31st March 2017

For most of us, from our waking moments to a sleeping bed at night, we worry. We worry about what we are, or aren’t saying to our children. We worry if they are getting 5 a day or 5 a week. We worry if they are doing ok at school; we worry if they are getting on with friends; we worry about their health; we worry about their futures. So, I guess w

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