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Conquer Mount Everest for a Cause

Kieran Murphy | 20th May 2023

Join Us in an Epic Challenge!"Over the past few years, we have embarked on extraordinary endeavors to make a difference, raise funds, and create awareness for the impactful work of Phase. And guess what? This year is no exception!On Friday, June 9th, starting at 10 am and continuing until Saturday, June 10th, 10 am, I, along with you (hopefully!),

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Staying active in lockdown

Elizabeth Feltoe | 10th April 2020

Wow, so how are you coping with lockdown? It's hard isn't it? I have settled into a new routine of sorts, but I'm still finding it a bit unsettling.Phase has been giving you some tips in the last few weeks about how to keep on top of your feelings and make this period of life as positive as possible.One of the things I've been missing is movement a

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Get going!...

Elizabeth Feltoe | 20th September 2019

I have my lovely Dad to thank for my love of being active. Sunday afternoons were designated as Family Activity (known as FA!) time when we would tramp round the chilly Derbyshire countryside, visit a National Trust property or be forced to mow the lawn or cut hedges. At the time, as a reluctant teenager, I didn’t always relish the prospect and was

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10 tips to de-stress

Kieran Murphy | 29th March 2019

Today's blog piece is from a guest writer, David Price of Health Assured offering his top tips to de-stress. Stress is a common occurrence in our everyday life and in most cases it is manageable without the need for any drastic actions. However, if left unaddressed, stress leads to other underlying mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

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Getting FIT

Kieran Murphy | 13th January 2017

Getting FIT! As we begin a new year, often people set out new years resolutions that contain plans to get fit and healthy, re-balance life and have life style changes. These are great ideas, however, by mid-January many of us can feel depleted and disengaged as our hope of attending the gym 18 times a week has not quite happened, so we fall back i

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January Wellbeing Challenge

Sasha Austin-Seade | 21st December 2016

Image design by a student from the Priory School Welcome to a New Feature of our blog. A way we can begin to do things together to promote a healthier, positive wellbeing. Each month the entire Phase team will be taking on a challenge. We’ll let you know what it is so you can also take part. This is not a competition, do as little or as much as yo

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