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Stress-Busting Tips for Exams

Kieran Murphy | 22nd April 2024

As exam season approaches, feeling a bit anxious is completely normal. But fear not! It’s not just about hitting the books harder—it's about hitting them smarter. Let’s explore some top-notch strategies to manage your stress, maximise your study time, and smash those deadlines.Understand the EndgameBefore you even open your textbook or revision not

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Meet Martha, trustee

Kieran Murphy | 26th February 2024

Hi, I’m Martha and I have recently become one of the trustees at Phase. I’m currently the leader of The Hub Church in Hitchin (where Phase is based) which is an Anglican ‘fresh expression’ of church. This means that we’re like a traditional church but look and feel a bit different. When I’m not being a vicar, I love to get outdoors with my dog and

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Digital Wellbeing

Molly Rackham | 9th November 2023

Digital wellbeing may be a phrase that you haven't heard of before but you will definitely be aware of the impacts that technology and digital media are having on the world, both good and bad. There are so many positives to the digital sphere, it allows us to catch up with family on the other side of the world, to be entertained by Disney+ and

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New Resource Available...

Hannah Dengate | 11th November 2022

At Phase, we are passionate about helping build wellbeing and resilience in children and young people. We do this in various ways, from primary school workshops, assemblies, secondary school lessons, 1-1 mentoring and support groups.At the start of this academic term, we released a new resource called Focus. This resource aims to enable and equip t

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Managing Exam Stress

Hannah Dengate | 20th May 2022

We have now entered exam season which can be a time full of different emotions, so here are 10 top tips to help you navigate this time...1) Self-Care is Important – During exam time, it can feel like there is a lot to do but looking after yourself is essential. Making sure that you keep a good sleep routine, eating a healthy diet, getting fresh air

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What Brings You Joy...?

Hannah Dengate | 22nd April 2022

I wonder what refills you. What brings you Joy?A phrase that often resonates with me is: ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.’ Recently, I have been speaking to a few people and have found there is a real sense of tiredness or exhaustion. As we emerge from the pandemic, many of us will feel tired from all that the past couple of years have held, as

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Let's Talk Anxiety Support Groups

Hannah Dengate | 23rd April 2021

At Phase we are passionate about helping young people live life in all of its fullness, to reach their full potential and thrive. However, due to the pandemic, we have seen a rise in mental health issues and a high level of anxiety. A survey carried out by Young Minds in January 2021 found that: 67% of young people believed that the pandemic will h

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Having time off… The importance of rest!

Amanda Maylin | 11th April 2021

This is one those subjects that is much easier to talk about than to do – well it is for me!I am a keen runner and triathlete – though I can’t do triathlons at the moment due to lockdown. However, in the past I have run Edinburgh Marathon and done a half Ironman. For both of these I needed:complex training plansa diet regime to follow (enough carbs

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Avoiding burnout

Kieran Murphy | 2nd April 2021

Over stretched, beyond capacity, burnout – these may be terms that were not part of you vocabulary before COVID19 and the beginning of the pandemic, however they may well be part of your everyday speech or thought now.As we approach the year anniversary of the first lockdown many people are feeling completely different now as they were to those ear

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Why I love reading

Elizabeth Feltoe | 13th March 2021

It was World Book Day on the 3rd March and I have a secret to tell you. Probably one of the only good things about schools being closed is that I didn’t have to scratch around at 10pm on the 2nd March to make two dressing up outfits for my primary school aged children. I know, I’m such a party pooper.However, I love the idea of World Book Day – a f

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Looking ahead and moving forward...

Kieran Murphy | 5th March 2021

Our Director, Kieran, takes stock of what we have ahead of us as a nation (and town of Hitchin) and offers practical advice for this last stretch of lockdowns and restrictions...It was exciting news from PM Boris Johnson as he announced the roadmap for the way out of lockdown and hopefully the dawn of a new era of life alongside covid. Despite feel

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Continuing to Parent in Lockdown

Emily Croucher | 3rd February 2021

This article was featured this in Nub NewsAt Phase, we spend a lot of our time time helping young people to building resilience and good wellbeing, and particularly at the moment supporting them in all the ways that they have been affected by this pandemic. But we are also aware that for parents this has been an exhausting and incredibly demanding

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Hannah Dengate | 20th November 2020

Why and How Mentoring works...At Phase we are passionate about equipping children and young people so that they don't just survive but thrive as they journey through life. We love to help children and young people build good wellbeing and resilience. At Phase we have the opportunity to do this in a number of ways, but one particular way in which we

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TV review - The Social Dilemma

Elizabeth Feltoe | 16th November 2020

I watched this Netflix documentary last week.I’ve changed the way I consume social media as a result.It’s a docu-drama (half documentary and half fictionalised scenes of a ‘normal’ family interacting with each other and their phones) that discusses how social media companies monetise our attention, what we read and consume, and how this changes the

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Stop and smell the roses

Emily Croucher | 15th July 2020

When lockdown was first announced I spent a couple of weeks in my flat alone, before deciding to go back to my parents' in Bournemouth. I have recently returned to my flat in Hitchin and am accutely aware of how much has changed since I left three months ago. Generally I enjoy keeping myself busy and most of the time choose the company of others ov

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