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July Wellbeing Challenge 2018

Sasha Austin-Seade | 1st July 2018

July is here!!!! This month's challenge is to keep a gratitude journal. For the next 31 days write down between 3 - 5 things you are grateful for. We had a go of this back in 2016 just for a week. If you want to have a read of how it went for Donna have a click here. Or have a look at this article for some more tips. If you're not up for writing

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Embracing gratitude

Donna Wade | 13th December 2016

The Phase team recently did a gratitude challenge in the office which then inspired us to deliver an assembly to young people about how embracing this attitude can improve your wellbeing and happiness levels. It has convinced us and so hopefully we can convince you of its benefits too! For a week we ended each day by listing on a chart 3 things th

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