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What Brings You Joy...?

Hannah Dengate | 22nd April 2022

I wonder what refills you. What brings you Joy?A phrase that often resonates with me is: ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.’ Recently, I have been speaking to a few people and have found there is a real sense of tiredness or exhaustion. As we emerge from the pandemic, many of us will feel tired from all that the past couple of years have held, as

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Step back to move forward

Elizabeth Feltoe | 17th September 2021

Earlier this week the Phase team went on retreat. We took two days out to spend time learning together, reflecting and thinking, and hanging out together as a group of friends and colleagues. It’s different from your standard team away day in that we didn’t once talk about KPIs, our vision for work, improvements we could make to our services, or wh

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Having time off… The importance of rest!

Amanda Maylin | 11th April 2021

This is one those subjects that is much easier to talk about than to do – well it is for me!I am a keen runner and triathlete – though I can’t do triathlons at the moment due to lockdown. However, in the past I have run Edinburgh Marathon and done a half Ironman. For both of these I needed:complex training plansa diet regime to follow (enough carbs

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Why I love reading

Elizabeth Feltoe | 13th March 2021

It was World Book Day on the 3rd March and I have a secret to tell you. Probably one of the only good things about schools being closed is that I didn’t have to scratch around at 10pm on the 2nd March to make two dressing up outfits for my primary school aged children. I know, I’m such a party pooper.However, I love the idea of World Book Day – a f

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Time to replenish

Elizabeth Feltoe | 5th July 2020

In the second of her series for Phase looking at finding and using our strengths, Sarah Crittenden makes some suggestions for finding space for R&R... we like the sound of that!Someone said to me the other day that they thought their current lifestyle wasn't so much 'working from home' as 'living at work'. Can anyone else relate to this?! Now w

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Switching off in lockdown

Elizabeth Feltoe | 17th May 2020

It's amazing to think how much life has changed in the last seven weeks. Regardless of whether you're at school, work, volunteering, furloughed, at home with young children, some of all of the above, where we spend our time is changed for everyone.I've been finding the lines between different areas of life have blurred. You might have found the sam

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Blue Monday...

Hannah Dengate | 17th January 2020

This coming Monday (20th January) has gained the name Blue Monday. The third Monday in January is supposedly the day when due to a number of factors including the weather, failure to stick to new year’s resolutions, debt level, Christmas seeming a long time ago, people are feeling at their lowest. A formula for calculating this day has even been d

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Sleep, Rest & Relaxation

Sasha Austin-Seade | 5th September 2017

We often take these three words as meaning the same thing and although they can be used together they mean completely different things. Let’s take a look at their definitions - Sleep – the natural resting state in which the body is not active and the mind does not think. Rest – to cease work or movement Relaxation – the state of being free from te

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Sasha Austin-Seade | 24th November 2016

Busy is the new fine! Sounds like an advertising slogan. I don’t know about you but I find myself saying it all the time. Conversations generally go like this. How was your day? Oh, busy but good. How are you doing? I’m so busy. Ooh any plans for the weekend? Weekend? What’s that? It’s always so busy. And on it goes. There is always another event,

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